A little history

Hello and welcome to my Minicade blog.

I'm a huge fan of emulation projects, and have been following MAME (http://mamedev.org/) since it began.  At first we were a small community of hackers nostalgic for the dimly lit arcade on an English seafront.  In fact at the time MAME first came out I was still putting 10 pence peices into a Mr. Do arcade in my home town.

I once owned an arcade machine.  It was a generic Jamma (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamma) cabinet which had seen much better days.  I picked it up in Bournemouth for under £100.  A TV repair man was happy to replace the capacitors on the original monitor and before long I had a fully working arcade cabinet powered by a standard PC running MAME.  It's a really great combination and I highly recommend it to anyone who has the time or inclination to build one themselves.

The problem however, was that this machine was very big and very heavy.  After a house move I found it just wouldn't fit into my new place and sold it to a very happy gamer.

So how can I go about getting that authentic big arcade experience once again, but without losing a room to a huge wooden cabinet?

Why not build a mini arcade?

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