More Painting...

  • Fill all the screw holes and sand

  • Apply wood hardner to the cut edges of the MDF, then sand lightly to round the edges a little

  • 2 coats of solvent(oil) based primer - 3 Coats applied

  • 4 Coats of black gloss with progressively lighter grain sanding between each coat  Only 2 coats required, 1 coat applied.

  • The painting continues.  3 coats of primer were required.  The first coat of black went on today and will need 16-24 hours to dry.  School boy error, the paint tray for the black has been sitting face up all week.  It wasn't until I put the black on that I realised I had put a layer of dust into the paint!! 

    So tomorrow will start with sanding out the grains of dust and then applying the final black coat.

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