Just the stickers to go!

And maybe a little touching up from putting it back together again.  All pictures taken on my phone, I'll bust out the digital camera tomorrow for some better shots.

Shown running Lion King on Sega Genesis.

 Running Gauntlet here (of course!)

 The rear (including finger prints).  Red button is power.  This is the only fan present, there is no fan on the cpu heatsink.  It's quite and cool inside.

Shown here with the hinged bottom half removed, and the screwed top half removed.   Speaker is at the top, then monitor, halfway down on the left is the LED controller and on the right is the mini pac, then the PC itself is on a removable tray which isn't painted.  Hard disk is underneath and all is mounted with rubber washers and sound proofing on the HD so it doesn't vibrate through the case.

 A close up of the speaker.  It clips on to the wood with a spring loaded clip that would normally attach the speaker to your laptop screen.  I've added a couple of cable ties for good measure.

 Looking in the back of the cabinet with the PC removed.  Just the control panel in here.

Finally a couple of me putting it together.

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