Painting the MDF arcade cabinet

I've decided to paint the cabinet myself instead of sending it off with my friend as it's not convinient for him.  So I've decided on my method:

  • Fill all the screw holes and sand
  • Apply wood hardner to the cut edges of the MDF, then sand lightly to round the edges a little
  • 2 coats of solvent(oil) based primer
  • 4 Coats of black gloss with progressively lighter grain sanding between each coat
  • All coats applied using a small mohair roller
  • 2-3 coats of clear satin gloss on the edges where you would find T-Moulding on a standard size cabinet.
I'll finalise the cabinet tonight with regards to cable access and final adjustments and then crack on with the painting.  11 days off work now, so no excuses!

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