Powering LED's in the arcade cabinet

The Gauntlet cabinet doesn't have an illuminated marquee, so I'm using the Gamegear illuminated credit buttons as shown in an earlier post.

These could be powered from a 5v line on the PSU e.g. via the floppy power connector, but I'm a big fan of Andy's products over at Ultimarc, so I'm going to have a play with the PacDrive.  This is a USB powered board which will light up to 16 LED's, and can be controlled by the LEDBlinky software.

LED Blinky can be configured to work with Hyperspin.  So while the drama I can produce with 2 LED's is very limited, I can at least try to make up for a lack of marquee with some flashy credit lights.  I also have the option to add more LED's in future, perhaps to create an ambient glow in or around the cabinet.

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