Front Ends

I've been looking into front ends.  I won't be able to fully decide which to use until I can test them on the 8" LCD for usability, but this one has really caught my eye:

Hyperspin homepage

This can be coupled with movie clips of each game, the clips come in at a whopping 18.5gb at the time of writing this, and can be downloaded here:


Maximus Arcade seems to be another popular front end which is free for 30 days.  I'll look into that too.

I'd also like to minimise the boot time, and any sign of Windows in the background as I think as soon as you see a mouse cursor it breaks the illusion that you're running an arcade.  A dedicated MAME Linux distro like this could be the answer:  http://advancemame.sourceforge.net/cd-readme.html

Lots to play with there over the coming weeks.

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